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Digger games

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Dig Dug (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Get ready to pop some Pookas and face down the Fygars in Dig Dug! Play Classic Arcade mode, a faithful version of the original DIG DUG arcade game you know and love, or check out the new Enhanced Mode...

Gold Miner Vegas (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Take a trip around the world with Gold Miner. From Australia to Las Vegas, dig up all kinds of goodies. Elaborate animations, characters and actions sequences will make this game a family-favorite. Mine...

Archibald's Digger (PC Download)
Archibald's Diggery remakes the well-liked arcade "Boulder Dash" in modern way. As long as you like to recall frenzied flights from falling rocks and mysterious spirit of the quarry, or easy to have a...

Digger Adventures (PC Download)
Digger Adventures is a multiplayer rebirth of the classic Digger concept, although one person can still play this new release. In the game, the players drive quite a small bulldozer through underground...

Treasure Mole (PC Download)
Treasure Mole - The objective of the game is to help the mole gather gold nuggets and destroy enemies . Each level requires gathering a certain number of gold nuggets and/or destroying a certain number...

Digger 2000 (PC Download)
Digger 2000 - If you have played DOS Digger and remember those bubbling, if you are eager to resume this excitement under your new Windows - this game is your choice. Multiplayer mode includes Local,...