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Lines games

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Rainbow Web II (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Rainbow Web 2 welcomes you again to the wonderful world of the Rainbow Kingdom! The Royal Palace is still in the grip of the Sorcerer Spider, who has weaved a web of spells, making the palace into the...

Bloom (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Roses are red, violets are blue, water the plants and make everything bloom! Flowers need your care and attention. Connect the pipes and water the plants to quench their thirst. While playing, earn coins...

Wonderlines (PC Download)
Wonderlines - It's Wonderlines...a colorfully captivating game of ball sliding and matching set deep in the jungles of antiquity! You are well on your way to a fantastical journey as you move balls and...

Swap & Fall 2 (PC Download)
Swap & Fall 2 is a cute point-and-click puzzle game whose appeal is based on the unhurried brain challenge, wonderful music, and graphics crafted by the patient hands of talented artists. Your objective...

Rainbow Web (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Beads are randomly scattered over a web, and it is up to you to help break the spell. Much of the gameplay revolves around developing solutions-how to make a line of three or more beads of the same color....

Magic Vines (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Prepare yourself for a puzzle game like no other! The latest, greatest adventure in puzzling Magic Vines will take you from the jungles to the plains and everywhere in between. Explore each stop by solving...

Luck Charm Deluxe (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Discover your lucky streak by raising the enchanted rainbow and filling your pot with leprechaun gold. Take a magical journey to a world of luck charms and leprechauns in this captivating puzzler. Impress...

Hexalot (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Experience ever-changing levels with thousands of solutions! You can even save your games. Enjoy enchanting music and beautiful medieval inspired graphics for hours of puzzle fun. Hurry up, before King...

Flower Quest (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Enter a land of magic and wonder. A young sorceress is learning to use her green thumb instead of a magic wand to solve puzzles. To help her win, simply rotate branches and roots around to make connections...

Doc Tropic's Fusion Island (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
From a tiny island in the South Pacific, nuclear fusion reactions create power for the entire globe. It's all thanks to the genius of Doc Tropic, the world's greatest and hardest working nuclear...

Chainz 2 Relinked (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Re-enter the exciting realm of link-matching madness with Chainz 2: Relinked, the thrilling sequel to last year's smash hit, Chainz. Jam-packed with 200 levels in two original game modes, and introducing...

Chickenmania (PC Download)
ChickenMania is a classic puzzle logic game for Windows that will keep you coming back again and again. This game is based on original, brand new game principle. ChickenMania for Windows comes with lot...

Ballz 3D (PC Download)
Ballz 3D is an addictive puzzle based on the famous Lines game. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by forming various shapes with colored gems. Additional lives that you...

Electric Eddie (PC Download)
Electric Eddie - Rules are easy - plug in, switch on, shine on - but puzzles will blow your mind. You find yourself in the position of Electric Eddie - equipped with pack of switches, pliers, bulbs -...