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Sudoku games

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Puzzler World 2 (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Take on even more challenging Puzzles in Puzzler World 2! Earn terrific trophies and take on the incredible Master Mode! Complete Puzzles to unlock bonus games and a spin of the all-new Prize Wheel. Earn...

Strimko (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Jump into Strimko and enjoy classic Sudoku gameplay with a twist! Take on hundreds of puzzles in Classic mode, or help Luana save her planet in the exciting Adventure mode. Create number streams and find...

Sudoku Adventure (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
a mind-bending game of numerical logic, Sudoku is testing the skills of puzzle game fans worldwide. If you're new to this fun and addictive pastime, Sudoku Adventure can teach you everything you...

Kasuko (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Kasuko is an add-em-up game that`ll keep you on your toes! The addition is simple enough, its beating the clock that makes this numbers game such a challenge! The more levels you complete, the trickier...

Xing Sudoku (PC Download)
Xing Sudoku - The Japanese puzzle game sudoku in splendit 3D! 16 million possible puzzles so you'll never ever get bored playing Xing sudoku.

Sudoku Latin Squares (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
This new twist on a classic game opens up a whole new world of Sudoku. Start small, with a 3x3 grid, to take things easy. Or go big, with the classic 9x9 grid, and become a sudoku master. With all kinds...

Perfect Sudoku (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Perfect Sudoku is the classic Sudoku puzzle with everything you could want. There's no math involved, you just need logic and reasoning to solve these puzzles. Millions of boards, stunning graphics, tools...

Numericon (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
The ancient wizardry of numbers attracts the seekers of mysteries and artifacts. Your task is to unveil the mysteries of the magic book and find the hidden clade. They are securely hidden on thirty pages,...

Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - Sudoku Edition (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Challenge yourself and tease your brain with this fantastic collection of puzzle games. Play all 8 kinds of puzzles including Sudoku, Kakuro, Killer Sudoku, Giant Sudoku, Sudoku X, Mini Sudoku, Crosswords...

Buku Sudoku (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Buku Sudoku - Experience the puzzle sensation that is sweeping the nation. Buku Sudoku offers countless hours of Sudoku puzzle games and even teaches you how to play! Generate countless puzzles using...

Buku Kakuro (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Buku Kakuro is a game for the beginners all the way to the most advanced players. Generate millions of puzzles, or create your own and share them with friends. Turn on the hints to see errors for an easier...

Blue Reef Sudoku (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Blue Reef Sudoku - An undersea spin on the classic number game, Blue Reef Sudoku will have you swimming in puzzling fun for hours. The goal is always the same: fill the grids, columns, and rows with numbers...

All-Time Sudoku (PC Download)
$9,99 $2,99
Logic skills are the name of the game here. Arrange the numbers 1 through 9 in each row, column, and 3x3 block. It starts out easy, but you will find the challenges grow as the game progresses. It's...